CPDB Features (Documentation)

CPDB.net is a fast and powerful database engine for Palm OS, combined with a set of synchronization tools. CPDB.net minimizes the time to market for creating professional applications with database visualization features.

CPDB.net is totally free. Try CPDB.net Professional edition version to test the full functionalities of CPDB.net (coming soon).

CPDB is a structured database. Just read the real database-typed fields, and say goodbye to the tedious “structs” !

CPDB.net features :

  •   Use numeric (8, 16 or 32 bits) and string fields
  •   Read fields with a single line of code. Example : CPDB_ReadString(myDatabase, “NAME”);
  •   Open up to 100 databases simultaneously !
  •   Browse your databases in any direction, from top to bottom, from bottom to top, search forwards and backwards
  •   Create your databases on device at runtime
  •   Create records
  •   Delete records
  •   Modify any field on any record
  •   Search within your database in any direction, on any field. Example : CPDB_Find(myDatabase, “YEAR”, “2001”);
  •   Retrieve any information on your database : record count, fields list, fields types, etc.
  •   Easy to use, easy to understand, detailed user manual and complete examples provided


    More to come in next versions :

  •   Floating-point fields with full precision for prices
  •   Date fields with different formatting methods (for international standards)
  •   Time fields
  •   Boolean fields
  •   Link fields (link to another CPDB database)
  •   Binary fields for texts, bitmaps, and more !
  •   Password and data protection


    CPDB.net data synchronization :

  •   Synchronize your data from Desktop to Handheld.
  •   Simple TXT format support -- you can create your own exports.
  •   Automated conversion tools for Visual Basic (MDB), WinDev (Hyperfile) and Delphi (BDE).